#MeToo Movement

SModels support all the women and men who have come forward with sexual harassment in the world. We support #MeToo movement from all women and men who are standing up. We are asking for donation to support the #MeToo and use the funds to enhance our system as we have a zero tolerance for this kind of activity with our models or clients.

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Model's Posses

An outline of a female laying in grass for a pose.  She is on her stomach with her two feet are in the air.
Just a variation for a pose with the model lying on the ground. Both hands might as well be resting on the ground. Works very well outdoors, on the grass or in a wild flower meadow, for example.
An outline of a female laying on her back for a pose.  Her face is looking towards you.
A basic easy pose, yet looks absolutely stunning.
An outline of a female in a sitting pose.
Gorgeous and easy pose for a model sitting on the ground.
An outline of a female posing.
A wonderful way to demonstrate the beauty of a model’s physique. Works very well as a silhouette when shooting against a bright background.

How to not pose? Check out our First Time Models tip.