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Our Research Team is Dedicated to your success. Introducing

Sex Toy Tester

You will review, test and recommend your favorite sex toy. We will cover the cost of the toy and shipping discretely to your home. We will only share the results with our students with your permission. Join right now and test our amazing sex toy product that you can keep.

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You will learn amazing way to excite your self pleasures and your sex life. Who knows, maybe you will learn something new? Student will learn the knowledge and skills needed to improve yourself sexually. Students can provide feedback discretely for free sex toys, paid tuitions or for school books.

Women using a dildo

Educate our students who want to learn more about amazing sexual pleasures. You will teach women and males 18+ various topics on ways to improve their sexual desires. Teacher will choose what gender they would like to teach. Teacher will need a webcam and/or mobile phone. Teacher can do this discretely in their homes. Teacher will recieve free sex toys discretely. Teacher can do one on one with the students for a fee.

Teen fingering her vagina Teen Orgasmn after using a dildo

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  • Pick from Various Topics
  • Choose your Time and Plan
  • Cell Phone or Webcam Required
  • Free Toys plus Pay
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Toy Tester

  • Test New Toy Products
  • Provide Feedback
  • Various Options
  • What are you waiting for?
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  • 100% Free Classes
  • Learn New Methods
  • Provide Feedback for free toys
  • 100% Privacy
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